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Teresa Scannella

Permanent Make-up Enhancements

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Nouveau Contour Semi-permanent make up machine

Get a look that lasts

Semi-permanent make-up is the placement of hypoallergenic colour pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to give the look of natural, perfectly applied make up with the added advantage of lasting for up to 2 years between applications.

Get your mornings back

Semi-permanent make-up is also known as permanent make-up or micropigmentation. It can last for up to 2 years or more depending on factors such as the age of the skin, the amount of time spent in the sun and also the client’s individual skin colour and tone.


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Perfect for people with:

• Sparse, non-existent or droopy eyebrows

• Asymmetrical features

• Thin, pale uneven lips

• Loss of definition due to age

• Sparse lashes

Semi-permanent make-up in Woking


Your eyebrows are the most defining  feature of your face.  They emphasise your eyes, accentuate your expressions and give you symmetry  and balance to your face.


Expertly applied hair strokes balance asymmetrical  brows or fill in gaps leaving you with beautiful looking brows  which frame and give a youthful  lift to your face.



Permanent make-up can define eyes and improve their shape or size.


A lash enhancement is subtle placement of colour between the lashes, thus giving  the appearance of thicker looking lashes and better definition of the eyes.


Eyeliner can then be added for a more made up or dramatic look , using colours or subtle shades.  As the eyes are the first thing people notice , eyeliner and eyelash enhancements  will give you a perfect look.


Permanent make up for lips is perfect for those who always wear lipstick or who want to improve fullness or colour.


An even lip shape can be corrected and small lips can be made to look more youthful.  Thin lips can be made to look fuller and colour  can be put back in for those who have lost the colour or shape of their lips over the years.  


You can choose from a lip liner , which gives a natural and perfect shape around the mouth or a lip line and blush, which defines the outline of the mouth with soft shading  that gets lighter towards the centre of the mouth.

A nicely shaped brow with long eyelashes Pink lips A model with clear skin and eye makeup